What benefits does Jus Mundi bring to my arbitration team?

Jus Mundi increases your chances of winning your clients' cases. High-stakes international arbitration requires you to have access to all the key information to build the best strategy. Rely on the most comprehensive database and cutting-edge research technology and analytics to make the right decisions.

How much does it cost to use Jus Mundi?

Basic access to the documents collected by Jus Mundi is free of charge and available to everyone. Jus Mundi strives to make international law accessible to everyone.

With a Premium Account, users may access Jus Mundi’s innovative search, navigation features, and filters. Premium Account documents are structured, qualified, and interactive, a preview of relevant paragraphs and articles is provided, filters, such as the Arbitrators & Judges Filter are unlocked, and a member of Jus Mundi team is available for questions via Online Chat.

Find our subscription plans at https://jusmundi.com/en/pricing

Law firms, chambers, governments, universities, and other organizations can subscribe to Jus Mundi as well. Our institutional pricing is determined upon request. IP Access may be provided for several users of the same institution.

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It is for free and it only takes 20mins.

Can I get a monthly subscription?

Yes, we offer monthly, annual or multi-year subscriptions depending on your needs. For annual or multi-year subscriptions, you can pay annually or monthly at different rates.

Can I get an individual subscription?

You can get an individual subscription only if you are a solo practitioner or a member of Chambers. If you are part of a law firm, we offer access to your entire arbitration team. The price will be based on the size of your team, not on the number of users.

I am a student, how can I get a subscription?

We have a partnership with Brill for all universities' requests.


Does my subscription give me access to your entire database?

Yes, any subscription to Jus Mundi gives you access to the entire Jus Mundi database (Learn more about content coverage). Even if you practice only commercial arbitration or only public international law, we offer you access to our entire database for the same price.

How can I get a free trial of Jus Mundi?

Jus Mundi offers a 7-day free trial, you only need to apply on our main page here:

We can also propose an extended trial for firms, please contact our sales team: sales@jusmundi.com

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