The Arbitrators and Judges Filter helps you to make a quick and deep research on an arbitrator or a lawyer.

1 - You can easily search for your arbitrator by using the search bar

You can cross an Arbitrator with any filter at Jus Mundi to narrow down your research about him: Type of the case, Tribunals/Courts, Applicable Treaties, Status of the Case, Type of the Document.

2 - You can cross an arbitrator with any other arbitrator. You will quickly find all documents where them appear together as arbitrators. You can do the same for lawyers, law firms, and parties filters to quickly identify potential conflicts.

3 - Thanks to our powerful search engine, Jus Mundi helps you to dig even deeper. It means that you can cross your arbitrator with any query in the search bar.

Thanks to Jus Mundi's most comprehensive database our Arbitrators and Judges Filter literally perfects your litigation strategy by helping to quickly identify cases in which one or several arbitrators sat together and review legal reasoning of arbitrators on a particular issue.

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