Law firms and lawyers have been associated with all the documents in our database where they were present. To identify them mostly PDFs were used, so it means that if a lawyer was involved in a case, but was not mentioned in the documents of the case (Decisions, awards, other documents), he/she will not appear.

For the cases, where we were not able to identify the name of a lawyer but only his/her law firm, we put only a law firm.

How your Law firm and Lawyer filter works?

Enter the name of the lawyer or law firm in the Lawyers or Law Firms/Chambers/States filter respectively and click on the check-box. The result page will now include only documents linked to your choice of lawyer or law firm.

➡️ You can also match a query with a filter

Ex: Type "Umbrella Clause" and check the filters: you can see in order the number of documents of law firms and lawyers

➡️ You can combine as many filters you want

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