About the Directory of Arbitrators

Once you are on the Directory of Arbitrators you have the list of all arbitrators in Jus Mundi’s database. As of today, we have around 3000 arbitrators/judges at Jus Mundi. They all come from Jus Mundi’s database which is at the moment the most comprehensive collection of more than 25 thousand public international law and arbitration documents. You can see the whole list, sort alphabetically of simply write down the name of your arbitrator.

What is Arbitrator Analytics?

Arbitrator Analytics is Jus Mundi’s solution to time-consuming arbitrator research. It provides statistics and a list of documents for all arbitrators and judges mentioned in the documents collected in Jus Mundi’s database. Every arbitrator/judge has his/her own page.

What added value our Arbitrator Analytics provides for my team?

At Jus Mundi, thanks to our comprehensive database, you will find information about your arbitrator from different courts and tribunals including ICSID, ICC, IUSCT, ICJ, PCA, Ad hoc arbitration as well as other arbitral institution. As a result, all these features and statistics help you to make deep and profound research for the arbitrator’s due diligence.

Are the statistics unbiased?

Yes! All statistics on arbitrators and judges have been extracted directly from the documents available in Jus Mundi’s database. The database is the most comprehensive collection of investor-State and inter-State arbitration documents. This primary information is not tempered with in any way other than extraction itself and is therefore completely unbiased.

What are the types of statistics provided by Arbitrator Analytics?

Statistics are presented in the form of interactive pie-charts and include information such as type of case, Status of Case, Role of the relevant arbitrator or judge, Courts/Tribunals where the arbitrator or judge sat, and the Applicable Treaties. Hover your mouse over the different pieces of the pie-charts to see the number of cases pertaining to each analytics category.

You can also consult all documents related to the relevant arbitrator or judge using Arbitrator Analytics. Use the search bar or the different filters available in the documents table to find the cases you are looking for.

How do I get to an arbitrator or judge’s page in Arbitrator Analytics?

You have three ways to find an arbitrator or judge’s page

  • By the arbitrator directory

  • Use the search bar or the Arbitrators/Judges filter to find one.

  • Once you are on the document page, you will find his/her name in blue in the metadata section. Clicking on this link will direct you to the arbitrator or judge’s page.

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