➡️ Copy and paste automatic citations

Copy and paste automatic citations to a particular paragraph of a document by clicking on the relevant paragraph, followed by the Copy and Paste Reference button on the right.

➡️ Use My Folders to save a document or a paragraph

Use the "Save to Folder" icon to save the document to one of the existing folders on your Jus Mundi individual account, or to create a new folder for your document.

Click on the relevant paragraph, then on "My Folders" to save a specific paragraph.

➡️ Use My Alerts to stay updated on the case's latest documents

Click on "Add to Alerts" to create an automatic alert and receive notifications whenever a new document is added to that case.

➡️ Use the interactive table of contents

Use the interactive table of contents on the left side of each document. Click on a title or subtitle to be taken directly to it in the document.

➡️ Use Jus Mundi PDF

Along with Jus Mundi user-friendly structured text, you can also check the original PDFs in different languages, and also Jus Mundi's high-quality PDFs, containing hyperlinks, interactive table of contents, and high-quality text. They are important for IUSCT decisions, Mixed Commissions, and rare ISDS awards, where original PDFs are not available.

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