➡️ What types of cases do you have at Jus Mundi?

  • Investor-State
    This type includes disputes between Investors and States (i.e. Capital Financial Holdings v. Cameroon), Exception: if the case is purely commercial arbitration (e.g. sale of goods), i.e. Paragon Systems v. Republic of Korea (this case is not included in our Database), the object of this case was the purchase of printers, which has nothing to do with investment. Such cases are included in the commercial arbitration category.

  • Iran – US Claims
    This type includes cases by the Iran – US Claims Tribunal.

  • Mixed Commission
    This type includes cases by international compensation commissions (i.e. Neer v. Mexico).

  • Other
    This type includes other cases/decision/national decision related to Investment Arbitration and International Law (i.e. Abyei Arbitration).

➡️ What status of cases do you have at Jus Mundi?

  • Concluded (non-ISDS cases)
    This status includes the outcome of the Commercial Arbitration, Sports Arbitration, Inter-State, Iran-US, Mixed Commission, and Other cases.

  • Decided in favor of the investor
    This status includes Investor-State cases where damages were awarded to the investor. Important: Even if the investor was seeking more damages than the amount awarded, we still put Decided in favor of investor status.

  • Decided in favor of State
    This status includes Investor-State cases where a State prevailed (i.e. no jurisdiction found or no violation found).

  • Discontinued
    This status includes Investor-State and Inter-State cases where the proceeding was discontinued.

  • Pending
    This status includes all Pending cases

  • Pending Annulment/Rectification/Resubmission/Revision?
    This status includes all Annulment/Rectification/Resubmission/Revision Proceedings cases before ICSID.

  • Rendered (Advisory)
    This status includes all advisory opinions or reports

  • Settled
    This status includes all cases that have been settled.

  • Unknown
    This status includes cases where we are aware of the existence of a case, but we don’t know the outcome or status.

  • Withdrawn
    This status includes cases where the notice of dispute was filed but the case was further withdrawn by the Claimant.

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