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How to use "My Folders"

Everything you need to know about "My folders"

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What is "My Folders"?

Jus Mundi allows you to save all your work in the same place. With the "My Folders" tool, you can create personalized folders to keep all the documents, wiki notes, and arbitrators profiles that are of your interest.

Why should I use "My Folders"?

It is a handy tool to save your work for future use. By saving your cases, wiki notes, or arbitrator profiles of your interest, you can be sure you will be able to access that information at any time, just by clicking on "My Folders" from the drop-down menu under your name in the top right corner of the screen. You can also create several folders by subject and write notes to organize your research.

Who can use "My Folders"?

"My folders" is available for every Jus Mundi user. You only need to create an individual account with your professional or university email.

If you want to access My Folder by an IP premium access:

"My folders" is a personal feature, so you will need to create an individual account to use it. It is easy and free of charge.

1 - When you click on your name in the top-right corner of the screen, then on "My folders", it will show a banner saying you are using IP access and a link to request an individual account.

2 - Once you made the request, our Care team will send you an invitation link to create your account.

3 - If you are a client, you can always request by email to [email protected] and individual accounts free of charge.

"My Folders" & Security

Everything that you save into "My folders" is encrypted. It means that only you can have access to this information. Nobody else, including Jus Mundi, can know what you are searching for and the documents and notes you saved.

How can I save my work in "My Folders"

If you are looking at a specific document, wiki note, or arbitrator, you will always find an option called "Save to folder". Just by clicking there, you can save your document in an already existing folder of yours or just create a new folder.

"My folders" in the wiki notes:

"My folders" in a Document Page

Inside the document page, you can save a specific paragraph by clicking on the paragraph and on the "Save to folders" icon.

"My folders" in an Arbitrator's profile

When looking at an arbitrator's profile, we can find the "Save to folder" option after clicking on the ellipsis icon on the right part of the page.

"My folders" in the search results:

When you click on the icon, it will pop up the option to choose which folder you want to save. Click on the folder you want to save for the future or create a new one, and that's it! You will be able to access it any time you want.

For example, in this case, we can save the work in the folder "How to save", or we can create a new folder.

How can I look at the documents I've saved on "My Folders"?

From any page of Jus Mundi, you can click on your name in the right corner of the top bar, then on "My folders". By clicking on the link, you can access all the folders you have created. In this example, you can access the folder "How to save", and you can see all the documents you had saved.

Can I have access only to the "My Folders" tool?

No, we do not sell any of Jus Mundi's features separately. You must subscribe to Jus Mundi's Premium Account to access My folders. If you wish to subscribe to Jus Mundi's Premium Account, please click here.

I am on a free trial. Do I have access to "My Folders"?

Yes. The Free Trial offers users access to all of Jus Mundi's features and database.

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