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CEA x Jus Mundi partnership

Everything you need to know about this partnership between the Club Español del Arbitraje (CEA) & Jus Mundi.

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👉 What is the Spanish Club of Arbitration/ Club Español del Arbitraje (CEA)?

  • The Club Español del Arbitraje (the “CEA”) is a Spanish nonprofit association that promotes arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution method, as well as the Spanish and Portuguese language in arbitral procedures.

  • It brings together over 1000 associates from 43 countries, all of which are experts in arbitration and have contributed to the consolidation of a single Spanish and Portuguese arbitration community.

👉 What does the partnership between CEA & Jus Mundi offer?

  • With this partnership, Jus Mundi and the CEA joined forces to provide free global access to select Spanish and Portuguese judicial decisions concerning arbitration matters.

  • To further spread this new knowledge globally, CEA Commission members also create summaries of key domestic decisions in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, which will be hosted by Jus Mundi.

👉 Why did CEA choose Jus Mundi?

  • The Club Español del Arbitraje chose Jus Mundi to publish judicial decisions in relation to arbitration matters because we are the world’s most comprehensive international law and arbitration research engine.

  • Unlike other legal publishers, Jus Mundi believes access to international law and arbitration materials should be freely available to all and not hidden to a select few behind a paywall.

👉 Are any of these materials supposed to be confidential?

  • No, none of the material Jus Mundi hosts is confidential, Jus Mundi only allows non-confidential materials to be hosted on the website.

👉 Can I find the domestic judicial decisions in another place?

  • Yes, the public can find Spanish and Portuguese language judicial decisions on various Court websites, but this information is fragmented, so for this reason we recommend you use Jus Mundi to access the decisions supplied by CEA.

👉 Can I find the SUMMARIES by CEA Members of domestic judicial decisions in another place?

  • No, the Summaries are only hosted on Jus Mundi, exclusively.

👉 What is Jus Mundi’s Spanish and Portuguese arbitration coverage?

  • Jus Mundi includes documents in multiple languages; our platform has a comprehensive coverage of Spanish and Portuguese arbitration. Not only are 20% of Case documents in Jus Mundi available in Spanish & Portuguese, but our platform has over 1,500 decisions, over 100 opinions, and over 9,000 documents in both these languages

👉 Is there a filter to find all documents from the CEA Partnership?

  • As of now, Jus Mundi does not offer to filter by partnership. However, all documents contributed under the CEA x Jus Mundi Exclusive Partnership can be identified with the following tag displayed on the right side of the case information:

As part of the partnership, Jus Mundi will also work with the CEA to develop specialized subscriptions and access to Jus Mundi for CEA members:

Information about subscriptions:

Can CEA members receive discounts on a Jus Mundi subscription?

Yes, discount rates are available for CEA members.

If you are a CEA Member and already a Jus Mundi subscription holder:

At your next subscription renewal, you will have a discount provided that you meet all of the following conditions:

  • You are an existing Jus Mundi subscriber to Legal Research or Legal Practice; and

  • You are not using the discount in conjunction with any other offer from Jus Mundi; and

  • Your head office/headquarters are located in an officially Spanish or Portuguese-speaking country as determined by the primary official language nominated by the recognized government of the jurisdiction; and

  • You are an existing Jus Mundi subscriber at the time of your next subscription renewal.

For more information about this, please get in touch with our Care team at [email protected].

If you are a CEA Member, but are not a Jus Mundi subscription holder:

Please contact our Sales team at [email protected] for more information.

If you are not CEA Member, nor a Jus Mundi subscription holder:

Please contact our Sales team at [email protected] for more information about Jus Mundi’s subscriptions

💡 Don’t hesitate to visit our Blog post to know more about this partnership!

☎️ If you have any other questions about our partnership with the CEA, do not hesitate to use our live chat, or contact our Care department ([email protected])

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