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➡️ What are the filters for individuals?

Aside from the Type of case and Type of document filters, Jus Mundi’s International Cases dataset also has filters to find cases narrowed by the role of a specific individual, organization, or state.

  1. Arbitrator/Judge: To select individuals in the role of Arbitrators

  2. Lawyer: To select individuals in the role of Counsel

  3. Expert: To select individuals in the role of Expert

  4. Firm/Chamber/Organization/State: To filter cases by law firm, expert firm organization, or state (for cases in which the state was representing itself)

➡️ Where can I find the filters for individuals?

  1. To access our filters for individuals, simply click on “International Cases” on the Jus Mundi Landing Page.

  2. Once in the International Cases data set, you will find the 5 filters for individuals on the bottom right of your screen:

    • Arbitrator/Judge,

    • Lawyer,

    • Expert,

    • Firm/Chamber/Organization/State

Start using the filters to narrow down the documents available on the dataset:

1️⃣ Let’s say you are looking for an arbitrator: For example, Alexandrov Stanimir A.

You can easily find an arbitrator by using the small search bar under “Arbitrators/Judges”. By checking one arbitrator under the filter, you will see the experience of the Individual as his/her role as arbitrator or judge.

2️⃣ You can also find cases where an individual acted as an arbitrator while another individual acted as counsel by using both the Arbitrator/Judge and Lawyer filters at the same time.

For example, by checking Alexandrov Stanimir A. in the Arbitrator/Judge, and Silva Romero Eduardo in the Lawyer filter, you will find 11 cases in which Alexandrov acted as Arbitrator and Silva Romero acted as counsel.

3️⃣ You can also cross the individuals’ filters with other filters in order to narrow down your results about him, such as Type of case, Status of the case, Type of document, etc.

4️⃣ You can also combine the filters after looking for a specific keyword or legal concept on the search bar:

❗ If you have any other queries about our filters, do not hesitate to use our live chat, or contact our Care department (care@jusmundi.com)

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