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About Filters for Party and Party nationality
About Filters for Party and Party nationality

Everything you need to know to narrow down your search results using the International Cases’ Party and Party nationality filters

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➡️ What are the filters for Party and Party nationality**?**

Aside from the Type of case and Type of document filters, Jus Mundi’s International Cases dataset also has filters to find cases narrowed by the type of party or the party’s nationality.

Party filter

The Party filter contains 4 categories:

  • Company: Law Firm, Expert Firms, Chambers, Corporates

  • Organization: Public entities (i.e. central banks, State agencies, independent administrations), institutions, sports federations, international organizations, associations, governments...

  • States: State, Cities, other country subdivisions (very rare)

  • Individual: Physical persons

The search bar can be used to look inside all sub-categories.

⚠️ Important to note:

  • You won’t be able to filter with the roles of a party (i.e. Claimant or Respondent).

  • We currently do not add non-disputing parties (i.e. third parties, neutral parties for ICJ, interveners)

  • There are some duplicates in the filters. We’re currently working on them, but you can suggest users refer to the “OR” option to be able to select them all.

Party nationality filter

Similar to our previous “State/Party’s Nationality” filter, you can filter by state parties to a proceeding and parties of that state’s nationality. Once you select one or many of the listed states, you will see results for cases where this state is a party and cases where it is a nationality.

⚠️ If you are searching for cases in which a state is a party, we recommend using the Party filter, checking the State box and then the state you’re interested in.

➡️ Where can I find the filters for Party and Party nationality**?**

  1. To access our filters for individuals, simply click on “International Cases” on the Jus Mundi Landing Page.

  2. Once in the International Cases data set, you will find both filters on the bottom right of your screen, under the Section of decision filter:

    • Party

    • Party nationality

How to use these filters to narrow down the documents available on the dataset:

1️⃣ Let’s say you are looking for a company. You can use the search bar to look inside all sub-categories (you do not have to select a category to search).

2️⃣ This filter has a new behaviour: AND / OR. The filter is set as OR by default. Using OR, you will be able to select as many parties as you want, and you will see results for cases where at least one of them is a party.

3️⃣ When clicking on AND, and selecting multiple parties within the filter, you will see cases where these were parties. The results will update depending on your selection. For instance, if you click on Total E&P Congo and a State (eg. Congo), you will see cases where Total E&P Congo and Congo are parties.

⚠️ You need to clear the filters before switching AND to OR or vice versa. For instance, if you had chosen AND and selected Total E&P Congo + Congo, you need to clear the filters, then choose OR.

3️⃣ The AND / OR only applies within the Party filter (and does not apply to Party nationality filter).

For instance, if you choose OR, and select Total E&P Congo and Total E&P Nigeria Limited, the party’s nationality filter will be updated with the nationality list that are tagged in Total E&P Congo’s cases and Total E&P Nigeria Limited’s cases.

If Nigeria was an option and you select Nigeria under nationality, then the Party’s filter will remove Total E&P Congo because it does not have a case with Nigerian nationality.

4️⃣ You can also cross the Party and Party nationality filters with other filters in order to narrow down your results, such as Type of case, Status of the case, Type of document, etc.

5️⃣ You can also combine the filters after looking for a specific keyword or legal concept on the search bar.

❗ If you have any other queries about our filters, do not hesitate to use our live chat, or contact our Care department ([email protected])

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