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UAA x Jus Mundi partnership
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👉 What is the Ukrainian Arbitration Association (UAA)?

  • The Ukrainian Arbitration Association (UAA) is a non-profit NGO that brings together lawyers, who are professionally engaged or interested in international arbitration.

  • The main objectives of the UAA are:

    • Promotion of Ukraine as a legal seat of international arbitration,

    • Providing assistance and supporting interest in the practice of international arbitration as a method of resolving cross-border disputes, p

    • Promotion of knowledge and experience in resolving disputes through international arbitration

    • Strengthening of cooperation and exchange of experience between the practitioners.

  • The UAA cooperates with arbitration institutions (despite not being one) and associations dealing with the development and promotion of international arbitration practice.

👉 What does the partnership between UAA & Jus Mundi offer?

  • Under this partnership, Jus Mundi will provide global access to key Ukrainian national decisions in over 600 cases related to the enforcement of international arbitration awards, with an aim to include set-aside decisions in the future.

👉 How does the partnership between UAA & Jus Mundi work?

  • In 2019 – 2020 a group of Ukrainian arbitration practitioners set out on an ambitious study of Ukrainian court decisions on recognition of arbitral awards.

  • This partnership is possible due to the comprehensive research of relevant national decisions conducted under the auspices of the UAA.

👉 What does the partnership mean for you?

  • Incorporating the Ukrainian materials into Jus Mundi’s comprehensive international law and arbitration database will offer the international legal community a valuable opportunity to enhance their understanding of Ukrainian arbitration.

  • Having these materials freely accessible and publicly available through Jus Mundi’s AI-powered search engine will help practitioners and researchers improve legal understanding, decision-making, and efficiency.

☎️ If you have any other questions about our partnership with the UAA, do not hesitate to use our live chat, or contact our Care department ([email protected])

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