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What are Jus Connect firm profiles?
What are Jus Connect firm profiles?
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Firm profiles are a business development solution for arbitration. On them, we display data-backed insights on the firm’s experience to help in-house counsel and other legal professionals to find expertise with certitude. In summary: it is an upgraded online pitch for firms to win more clients.

Jus Connect firm profiles have an intelligent search function, comprehensive filters and valuable case analytics. These analytics are automatically updated whenever new information is detected on public cases added to Jus Mundi’s database.

👉 How can I access firms' profiles on the website?

You can access firm profiles directly from Jus Connect’s search page.

All you have to do is click on the “Firms” icon and you will see every firm profile available on our platform. To access a particular firm, you can simply click on their profile card to be taken to their designated page.

Another way to access a firm profile is through one of the case document pages on Jus Mundi. If you are looking through a case on Jus Mundi and see a list of firms that acted on a case, click on its name to be taken to their profile (a hyperlink will be available to you):

👉 How do I search for firm profiles on Jus Connect?

If you already have a specific firm in mind that you want to browse for, use the search bar to type in the name of the firm you want to find. You will notice that we have a smart auto-complete feature that, depending on your search query, suggests different firm profiles available on Jus Connect.

Another way to find the firm you are looking for is by using our filters, located on the right-hand side of the search page. You will find that you can narrow down your research not only by the firm’s location, but also by the firm’s case experience (e.g. type of case, institution, applicable law, rules of arbitration and more).

👉 How does a firm profile look like?

  • Claimed firm profiles:

Once you click on a claimed firm profile, the first thing you will see is its name and logo, as well as its chosen headline.

Underneath, you will find an Overview section that includes a self-written description of the firm’s activities and a link to its website. Also, there will be the (i) number of arbitration cases in which the firm participated in; (ii) industry sectors these proceedings relate to; and (iii) number of practitioners from this firm who are listed on Jus Connect.

Please keep in mind that all this information is not exhaustive but reflects the data collected by Jus Mundi and available on the platform.

Below the Overview section, you will find a list of the firm’s office locations:

To change tabs and access the firm’s Cases & Analytics, simply click on this section’s name, as shown below.

Here you will find a list of top cases that the firm chose to highlight in order to showcase their expertise. Besides it, you will see the number of total cases the firm was involved in (known to Jus Mundi) and the industry sector of these proceedings.

If you scroll down further, you will also find case analytics for this firm - all displayed in interactive pie charts. The information shown on them includes the type, status and industry sector of the matters available on Jus Mundi, as well as the Tribunal/Court/Institution and the applicable treaties that the firm has experience working with.

By hovering over each element of the pie chart, you will see the number of cases that are listed within a particular category. By clicking on the Show all” button, you will see the complete classification of the pie chart’s legend.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the list of cases available on Jus Mundi, to which the firm has been tagged to. Along with that information, we display the date, title, type, institution and industry of these cases, as well as the party which appointed the firm on that particular matter.

You may also use the search bar on this subsection to look for a specific case:

Under the list of cases mentioned above, you will find the latest documents from this firm, all hyperlinked to take you to the corresponding case document page on Jus Mundi:

In addition, the Practitioners tab is divided into two sections. In “Highlights”, you will find profiles that the firm chose to put under the spotlight, which are usually from experienced partners of the firm.

Below, you will find the complete list of practitioners from the firm who acted as either Arbitrators, Counsels, or Experts in cases available on Jus Mundi. This list only includes individuals that are currently working at the firm.

You may also use the search bar to look for a specific practitioner, if you have one in mind.

Finally, under the Contact Us tab, you will see the details of the firm’s main point(s) of contact - be that from their Business Development representative or their Head(s) of Practice.

  • Automatically generated firm profiles:

An “un-claimed” firm profile will only include information that has been automatically extracted from Jus Mundi’s database.

E.g. the Overview section displays data that is available on our platform and does not contain any personalised text by the firm:

Other differences are that auto-generated profiles:

  • Do not include a link to the firm’s website or newsletter;

  • Do not show the firm’s office locations;

  • Have no list of highlighted cases or practitioners;

  • Include both past and present lawyers on their practitioners' list; and

  • Do not offer a point of contact for the firm.

❗ If you have any other queries about Jus Connect firm profiles, do not hesitate to use our live chat or contact our Care department at

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