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How to claim a firm profile on Jus Connect?
How to claim a firm profile on Jus Connect?
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👉 How to claim a firm profile on Jus Connect?

If your firm has an automatically generated profile on Jus Connect and you are looking to update the information displayed, feel free to contact our team! We will be happy to walk you through the next steps.

To reach out to us, just click on the “Claim your firm profile” button located on the right-hand side of your Jus Connect page and complete the form that shows up.

Once claimed and enriched, your firm profile will help you get discovered by your target audience (e.g. in-house counsel, institutions and governments) as well as your peers.

❓ Do I need a subscription to have an enriched firm profile on Jus Connect?

Yes, you need a subscription to update your firm’s profile on Jus Connect.

With a subscription, you can:

✔️ Personalise your profile: add a logo, headline, link to the firm’s website, etc.

✔️ Hide past practitioners who no longer work at the firm;

✔️ Select cases you want to highlight;

✔️ Showcase your most notable practitioners;

✔️ Add your firm’s contact details;

✔️ Get a usage report of your Jus Connect firm page;

✔️ And more!

❗ If you have any other queries about Jus Connect firm profiles, do not hesitate to use our live chat or contact our Care department at

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