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JURIS x Jus Mundi Partnership

Everything you need to know about the partnership between JURIS and Jus Mundi

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👉 What is JURIS Arbitration Law Library

JURIS is the publishing house behind numerous significant titles (books and journals) in the fields of commercial and investment arbitration. The JURIS Arbitration Law Library provides a wealth of exclusive global and regional analyses as well as commentary from leading arbitration practitioners. Access a goldmine of unique books and journals covering issues in all phases of commercial arbitration from pre-arbitration to enforcement. The content is exclusive on Jus Mundi in addition to the original Publisher - JURIS.

👉 Who is Jus Mundi?

Contributing to building the rule of law internationally is everyone’s responsibility. Jus Mundi democratizes access to global legal information, notably relating to commercial and investment arbitration, with unprecedented efficiency, thanks to a multilingual search engine that combines international legal expertise with artificial intelligence. We offer the broadest and exclusive collection of commercial arbitration awards from a range of sources, including data from key partnerships with the world’s leading institutions such as ICC, ICDR, and HKIAC. By combining law and technology, we enhance lawyers’ decision-making by giving them access to critical legal information to win cases.

👉 Why is JURIS collaborating with Jus Mundi?

JURIS and Jus Mundi are collaborating to enable wider access to JURIS Arbitration Law expertise via Jus Mundi’s international law and arbitration search engine.

👉 What are the benefits of this collaboration?

Jus Mundi brings its AI-powered interactive documents and advanced search to JURIS publications in international commercial arbitration. Together, we offer the legal intelligence and technology to perform broader, more accurate research faster than ever before.

👉 When will the JURIS Arbitration Law Library be accessible via Jus Mundi?

The JURIS Arbitration Law Library will be accessible via Jus Mundi on April 4, 2023.

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