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Jus AI - AI Powered Decision Summaries
Jus AI - AI Powered Decision Summaries
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What is Jus AI?

Jus AI is our new Beta feature powered by Artificial Intelligence!

Jus Mundi recently launched a new Beta feature called Jus AI, which utilizes Artificial Intelligence to summarize case documents published on our website. The tool fastens the accessibility of relevant information to users without having to sift through lengthy documents. Combining it with our extensive and updated database, Jus AI is designed to support our users, allowing them to efficiently conduct their research on Jus Mundi while also providing them with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Jus AI’s source of information is the data you can find on Jus Mundi. It will provide you with a summary of a decision by extracting information only from the decision itself.

Why is it a Beta feature? What does it mean?

As a Beta feature, Jus AI is still under testing and development. This means that we are still gathering feedback and ideas for improvement from our users, and we welcome any suggestions or comments you may have. By using this feature, you will have the opportunity to help us improve, refine our AI-powered summarization tool and participate Jus Mundi’s growth to pioneering the use of AI technology.

We thank you in advance for your support and feedback!

How can I access the feature and become a Beta tester?

Jus AI is currently reserved to Jus Mundi clients with a Legal Practice or Legal Intelligence subscriptions through their individual accounts or IP access. Law Firms with a Legal Research subscription can also benefit from this feature.

Where can I find Jus-AI and how can I use it?

You will find Jus AI in Jus Mundi’s case documents, under the section “documents of the case”. To start using it, you just need to click on “Generate AI summary”.

What kind of documents can I get a summary on:

You will be able to use Jus AI for all structured documents in English available on Jus Mundi. The scope will cover these type of cases and documents:

  • Investor-State: all decisions

  • Commercial arbitration: all decisions

  • Inter-State: ICJ, PCIJ and PCA decisions.

As Jus AI is solely based on objective information that is provided by the public document itself. It is therefore not available for confidential decisions.

Can I use the Jus AI during my Free trial?

Yes, you will be able to use Jus AI during your free trial.

If you wish to know more about Jus Mundi and keep using Jus AI when your free trial ends, please get in contact with [email protected]

How can I share my feedback?

Once you generate a summary, you will have the possibility to rate it by using a thumbs up or down.

Following your vote, you will be able to write down short feedback on what can be improved, what you liked or didn’t like about the summary.

Why should I use Jus AI?

Jus AI is the very first AI-powered summarization tool in the arbitration market empowering you to summarize legal decisions in one click and:

  • Quickly assess the relevance of documents for your strategy.

  • Save time on reviewing long documents.

  • Streamline workflows with centralized information and tools.

  • Use trustworthy data sources from Jus Mundi’s database.

I am a student using Jus Mundi with my University, can I use Jus AI?

Yes, if your University gives you access to Jus Mundi you will be able to use Jus AI to summarize documents.

If you don’t know if your University gives you access to Jus Mundi, please get in contact with your University librarian.

I am a student using Jus Mundi through my moot court competition, can I use Jus AI?

No. Access to Jus AI is reserved only for professional practitioners.

⚠️ I need to contact someone at Jus Mundi

If you have any questions or doubts regarding Jus AI, or any other feature on Jus Mundi, please get in touch with our Care department at [email protected] or via our live chat

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