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How to claim an individual profile on Jus Connect?
How to claim an individual profile on Jus Connect?
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Jus Connect profiles are automatically generated when a practitioner is tagged on a case available on Jus Mundi. This means all the data displayed (e.g. caseload) is directly extracted from documents found on the platform.

These Jus Connect profiles can be claimed and updated by the practitioners themselves. This means legal professionals join our community to showcase their expertise by adding more relevant information to their own profiles.

Once a profile is claimed, it can be nurtured with a profile picture, nationality(ies), language(s), CV and work experience. Also, individuals are able to complete their case history on our platform. Enriching your own profile will help you to significantly increase your visibility on Jus Connect and get discovered by your target audience.

👉 Jus Connect profiles:

When browsing through a practitioner's profile, there are some useful tools you can access to help your research, as shown below:

↪️ "Follow": You can add Jus Connect profiles to "My Alerts", which allows you to keep track of any activity regarding the Arbitrator, Lawyer or Expert of your choice. This means you will be notified of the latest updates made to the individual's profile (e.g. when a new document is added to the platform and the practitioner is tagged to it).

More information about "My Alerts" can be found here.

↪️ "Save to folder": You can use our "My Folders" feature to save the practitioner’s profile to one of your personalised folders in order to access it at any time.

More information about "My Folders" can be found here.

↪️ "Save to PDF": You can download and/or print a PDF version of any Jus Connect individual profile. This makes it easier for you to share it with your colleagues and clients. Remember that our PDFs have hyperlinks to relevant pages on Jus Mundi to help you navigate through them easily.

On each Jus Connect profile page, you will be able to see the practitioners’:

  • Track record

  • Work experience

  • Latest documents

  • Analytics

  • List of cases

If the practitioner has played different roles on the cases they have been tagged to on Jus Mundi, you can navigate through each tab to see the data we have on them as Arbitrator, Counsel or Expert.

❓I am listed on Jus Connect, but my profile is not complete yet. How can I update it?

You can complete your profile by clicking on the Join Now button located on the right-hand side of any profile on Jus Connect. Then, follow the short steps that appear to you:

1️⃣ If you already have an account created on Jus Mundi: please login to the website and click on the "Join Now” button to complete your profile.

  • If you are currently under a free trial or have signed up for one before; remember that your account will remain active and you will still have access to your Jus Connect profile even after the 7-days free trial period has ended.

  • In case you forgot the password to your account, do not hesitate to reset it by clicking here.

2️⃣ If you do not have your own account created on Jus Mundi yet:

  • By clicking on the “Join Now” button, we will ask you to create an account with us. Once you have done that, you will be able to complete your profile information.

  • As explained above, you will still have access to your Jus Connect profile even after the trial period has ended.

  • In case you are a client of ours, please feel free to request an individual account at any time and at no additional cost by clicking here.

❓ I am not listed on Jus Connect yet. What can I do?

If you have not found your own profile on Jus Connect, that is because you are not tagged to any of the cases available on our Search Engine yet. But not to worry: if you have participated in any international or domestic arbitration case, you can always create a profile with us.

Click on the Join Now button located on the right-hand side of any profile on Jus Connect, as explained above. Then, as you are taken to the following page, click on the “Continue” button to fill out a quick questionnaire. Our team will make sure to contact you by email with the next steps.

👉 Complete your profile information

Once logged into your Jus Mundi account, please click on your name in the screen's top right-hand corner. Then, select “View profile” from the drop-down menu.

Once you have your Jus Connect profile page open, click on the pencil icon under your name to upload your picture, nationality(ies), language(s) and CV - do not forget to press “Save” when you are finished.

By scrolling down and clicking on the pencil icon next to “Work experience”, you will be able to add the names of your current and previous law firms, as well as their location. You can also specify your start and end date, along with your job title:

After completing your work experience on your Jus Connect profile, your page will look like this:

👉 Complete-your-case history

Once you have joined our community, you can add your entire case history to Jus Connect - without sacrificing confidentiality. This feature applies to cases in which you have participated as Arbitrator, Lawyer or Expert.

→ How does it work?

  1. Jus Mundi only collects non-confidential information about the cases you want to add.

  2. Once the information has been submitted, we will double-check the details provided with other participants of the case.

  3. We never reveal the source of the information, so you will remain anonymous throughout the entire validation process.

  4. After the case details have been verified by other individuals, we will add the case to Jus Mundi and it will appear listed on your profile.

In order to submit a case for validation, click on the "ADD CASES” button displayed on the work experience section of your profile and then reply to the questionnaire.

Please keep in mind that we undertake the case validation process only once per month. Our team will make sure to contact you whenever we have any updates on your case.

👉 Frequently asked questions

❓Do I need a subscription to have a Jus Connect individual profile?

No, you do not need a subscription to join Jus Connect as an individual. All you need is a Jus Mundi account and to have participated in an (international or domestic) arbitration case.

However, if you would like to access the full list of documents and cases available on Jus Connect, as well as our intelligent analytics, do not hesitate to reach out to our Sales team at They will tell you more about how to enhance your search experience on the platform.

❓I have a profile created on Jus Connect, but my information is wrong. What can I do?

In case you have any feedback or questions regarding your profile/Jus Connect, you can always contact our Care team via our live chat or at

If you simply want to change your picture, CV, nationalities, languages or work experience, you can do that autonomously by joining our community.

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